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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Seeing Math In Our Learning Places!

This week, I saw a lot of math happening within our Learning Places.  During Learning Places, children are free to explore many different stations and invitations set up in the room.  Right now, stations such as the House (Dramatic Play), the puppet theatre (Dramatic Play), Blocks (Structures Science), the Nature Table (Science), the Writing Station (Language Arts), Sensory Station (Sand and Loose Parts) and Paint Station (Visual Arts) are key areas of interest to the children.  This week, when observing and documenting students, I noticed a lot of math within the context of the play.  Here are some samples:

"How many are there?"-Students counting snails 

Playing school and reading numbers on wall.

Creating patterns for the leashes.

Using the computer to make shape and colour patterns.

Sorting coins and trying to name them.

Playing school and showing a pattern in the picture.

Sorting objects from around the classroom on the light table.  Then counting them.

Playing School- lots of patterns, number sentences

 I also want to share with you, how 3 friends ended the day on Friday!  Great to see that the children are developing a strong friendship!

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