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Sunday, 4 October 2015

How Can You Sort These Things?

This week, the children took a break from patterning, to focus on different attributes we can use when sorting objects.  After sorting some items on the smartboard, students worked in pairs to sort different items around the classroom.  The children were encouraged to look for a variety of ways to sort including size, colour, shape, design etc...  Here are a few snapshots!  Can you guess the sorting rules?

Big and Small Buttons
Long Pine cones and Fat Pine Cones
Each type of bead sorted into groups
Light Stones and Dark Stones
By Colour of Dominoes
Small Stones and Big Gray Stones

Circle Shells and Not Circle Shells
Clam Shells, Curly Shells and Fan Shells 
Yellow Lego and Not Yellow Lego
Big, Medium and Small Rocks
By Type of Pine Cone
Big and Small Buttons

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