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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Seeing The Curriculum During Play!

The Grade Ones continue to practice reading sight words, sounding out unknown words and writing simple sentences.  We've also been exploring patterns, numbers and now surveys.  Invitations for Dinosaur exploration and Stars Wars were set up in response to student interest.  Here are some snapshots of what the children have been up to during "Learning Places", a time where they explore and choose what to do in the classroom.  This is my favourite time of the day as I truly get to see the curriculum come alive in the room!

Star Wars Invitation... leads to dramatic play, structure building, drawing and writing

Dinosaur Invitation...leads to collaboration & communication between peers, narrative storytelling, sorting, discussion on what living things need to live

 Our Fall Invitation of pumpkins and gourds... leads to using our senses, describing words and writing

A spontaneous decision to make paper airplanes... leads to comparisons of distance travelled, discussion whether weight affects flight and measurement using metre sticks

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